Dine in for two

Enjoy a delicious meal at home with Dine In. Choose a main, side, dessert and bottle of wine or soft drink for £12. Due to the current climate, all items are subject to availability

Dine In for £12
  • Soy and ginger salmon

    Two salmon fillets with a soy, ginger and chilli marinade, topped with parsley and red chilli

    Our Best Ever steak pie

    Handcrafted with slow-cooked tender British beef, traditional gravy and all-butter pastry

    Gastropub chicken and ham crumble

    Chicken and smoked ham topped with potato and leek crush, cheddar and a mustard crumb

    Rotisserie chicken

    In a sweet and sticky marinade

    Gastropub cottage pie

    Tender minced beef in rich red wine, topped with fluffy mash

    Gastropub butternut and red onion en cro?te (Ve)

    Two puff pastry parcels filled with roasted butternut squash, caramelised red onions and spinach, and topped with pumpkin and sunflower seeds

    Gastropub fish pie

    Cod, king prawns, smoked haddock, salmon and spinach in a creamy cheese sauce, topped with mash 

    Rump steaks

    21-day-matured tender and rich rump steaks 

  • Cheddar cheese croquettes (V)

    Mashed potato with cheese coated in breadcrumbs

    Peas and carrots (V)

    With mint butter

    Rosemary potatoes (V)

    With rosemary, parsley and roasted garlic

    Baby carrots (V)

    Vibrant and sweet baby carrots

    Potato rosti (V)

    Potato cakes made with shredded potato, onions and seasoning

    Chunky chips (V)

    Chunky potato chips coated in a lightly seasoned batter

  • Lemon and mascarpone cheesecake slices (V)

    A digestive biscuit base topped with mascarpone cheese and a Sicilian lemon glaze

    Bramley apple pie (V)

    Sweet and tangy Bramley apple slices baked in light puff pastry

    Strawberry jelly trifle (V)

    Strawberries in strawberry jelly layered with sponge, creamy custard and whipped cream

    Gastropub billionaire’s desserts (V)

    Cookie crumb topped with a rich chocolate and salted caramel sauce, caramel flavoured mousse and Belgian chocolate ganache, finished with gold-dusted butterscotch pieces

    Passion fruit Swiss roll (V)

    A beautifully striped moist sponge filled with whipped cream and a tangy passion fruit sauce

    Plant Kitchen chocolate and cherry dessert (Ve)

    Coconut milk and dark chocolate dessert pots topped with a cherry compote

    Fruity fiesta (V)

    Pineapple, melon, grapes and kiwi fruit

    Cheese selection (V)

    The winning combination of creamy and tangy Blacksticks? blue, full-flavoured farmhouse red Leicester and a mild creamy Lancashire 

  • Garganega pinot grigio

    A blend of crisp pinot grigio with fruit from near Lake Garda in Northern Italy

    Gold Label merlot

    Rich and fruity with flavours of ripe damsons and cherries and a generous body, from the south of France

    Gold Label rosé 

    A pale and juicy southern French rosé made from local varieties, giving a nose of strawberries and raspberries. Perfect with chicken or fish dishes

Catch of the day

Made with responsibly sourced cod, smoked haddock, salmon and king prawns, coated in a rich cheesy sauce, our Gastropub fish pie is topped with mashed potato and a parsley crumb. Pair this delicious dish with our crisp Garganega pinot grigio, available as part of our Dine In offer.

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The perfect pie

Fancy a comforting classic that’s a sweet ending to your cosy night in? Pick up our delicious Bramley apple pie in store as part of our Dine In offer and tuck into sweet and soft apples and buttery puff pastry.

In the mood for something savoury? Our cheese selection combines tangy blue cheese with red Leicester and creamy Lancashire.

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The winning wines

Complement your chosen main, side and dessert by picking up a bottle of wine as part of your Dine In deal.

Pair our fruity merlot with Gastropub cottage pie or rump steak, or try the crisp pinot grigio with our soy and ginger salmon or Gastropub fish pie. Love a glass of fresh and fruity rosé? Opt for our Gold Label, which is perfect with the rotisserie chicken.

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